2018 Original Heaven and Earth Series

Julie creates and sells a lot of work in her little 10’x10’ spot outside the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM. Her selling season runs from the beginning of March to the end of October, sometimes into November, if the weather permits. On any given day you’ll find her with brush in hand surrounded by various works in progress or perhaps chiseling a frame. She loves engaging with you in conversation and answering your questions. It’s a wonderful way for her to connect, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to do so. When the selling season ends, Julie retreats to her studio, spending the next several months painting in solitude. Julie is equally grateful for this time to connect with herself and receive inspiration.

Though Julie’s selling season at the Loretto Chapel is in full swing, she’s still painting weekly. Lots of energy and inspiration. People are responding well to the new textures and rich earth tones she experimented with over the winter months. It’s always exciting when her new ideas are received enthusiastically. Although it’s been an exceptionally warm summer in New Mexico, visitors from hotter, more humid climates are coming into Santa Fe to enjoy the cooler evenings and refreshing monsoon rains. She truly loves meeting new people and reconnecting with previous customers, and is so grateful for the great conversations and warm hearts.

Many paintings from Julie’s new works are still available for purchase, and are showing below, along with a few still available from her 2017 season. Please enjoy!


Stillness-2018 Original Heaven and Earth Series