2023 Original Awakening Series

The run of Julie’s original mixed media series, “Heaven and Earth”, spanned 9 years, during which time she produced a collection of over 200 pieces. Their vibrant colors and bold symbols reveal the interconnection between physical life and the energy that informs it. Julie appreciates all of the extraordinary people who have made homes for the originals. Some of the images are still available in a Limited Edition Print Series, each finished with one of Julie’s hand-carved and hand-painted bass wood frames.

Julie has always said that her art reflects the events of her life. When she started her current series, “Awakening”, in 2022, she wasn’t really sure what that series meant for her on a personal level. All she knew was she felt deeply that it was time for all of us to awaken to the truth of who we really are; beings far more powerful than we realize.

In the summer of 2022, every fear she harbored throughout her life was triggered and heightened, and she felt powerless when a dear friend was falsely accused of a horrible crime. Over the ensuing months, as she lived through and processed what had happened, she awakened to a deeper experience of love, faith, gratitude, and forgiveness. (The charges have since been dismissed.)

As it turned out, a little book called “Out of this World” written by the 20th century mystic, Neville Goddard, held the key for her transformation. Being a spiritual seeker but raised in the catholic church, she tired of the search for spiritual truth. Neville offered an interpretation of the Bible that differed from every other teaching she knew–finally, it all made sense!

Revisiting the Bible through the lens of Neville’s teachings continues to invoke an inner transformation which inspires her new art. She hopes that her new work inspires your imagination, bringing more love and beauty to you and those around you.

You can find a couple examples of the “Awakening” series below. Please, feel free to text Julie anytime to see what original works are available in your desired sizes. Prices range from $295.00 to $4,900.00. Her direct cell number is +1 (505) 660-0251. She will be happy to send you images for your consideration.

Thank you.


By the Living Water
Along the Way
Power Rising Within - Awakening Series Original
Power Rising Within